Sex blogger mom to lose custody of her daughter

Should a sex blogger mom lose custody of her kids due to the content of her blog?

I haven’t been able to “keep up with HuffPost Divorce” lately, but I just stopped by and learned of this mother who is a “sex blogger” who is about to lose custody of her daughter. Her ex-husband has sued for custody. On what basis? Well, unfitness, no doubt. I clicked through the link that HuffPost provided and I think I understand why the dad has sued for custody. Not for nothing, but while I think an adult has the right to approach their sex lives in any way they see fit, it is a bit disturbing to think that some of these folks are raising children. I mean, you go on her blog and this woman has a section called, “Ask the slut.” Then as of today, December 14, 2010, there is a post that goes something like this: How do I enjoy guilt free incest fantasies. Excuse her?! That is just Karazy! I didn’t click on the link because I was deathly afraid what I would learn and some things, I just pass on. I have no interest in knowing. Let me die ignorant. But yea. I think I am on the dad’s side with this one. She is an adult and she has a right to live her life the way she sees fit. And there is nothing wrong with sex, blah, blah, blah and if she wants to write a sex blog and talk about this filth all day? No problem.  But I think what is in the best interest of the child is to be with the parent who can provide a more wholesome environment. Sorry, but that’s my take. My suspicion is that the court will find that so long as the child is not exposed to the blog, that the mother’s custody should not be disturbed (unless there is more to the story) but I disagree in advance. While it is not the job of the court to legislate parental morality, I think it does matter what a parent’s life-style is. Sex is normal and it’s life itself when you get right down to it; it’s part of our animal nature and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with being a sexual being. But the lines can be crossed and some people take it to a level of debauchery and filth and just, dereliction. And kids should not be around people like that. Because a child is a product of his or her environment and it does rub off and next thing you know, the kids vocubulary will include things like…..god, I can’t even say it. But stuff no kid should ever say or know about? Like certain inanimate objects? And that is what the court needs to protect children against, I think. Don’t allow adults exercising their “freedoms” to corrupt children and rob them of a childhood. What do you think?  Am I being prudish on this one? Read more on HuffPost Divorce.