Celebrity kids & divorce

Yesterday we did the list of 13 most shocking – scandalous celebrity divorces of 2010. Today we want to talk about celebrity kids and divorce. That is the real crucible, isn’t it? How do celebrity kids fare after a public parental divorce? I mean, are they messed up for life? Or are they so jaded by the time the divorce happens that they give not a darn? Are celebrity kids different from regular kids? Do they see divorce through a different lens? Are they impacted by it in the same way? Or in a different way from regular guys and girls? Or do the celebrity parents do a better job with parenting their children than they do with having successful marriages?

In the media, it appears that the plight of celebrity children, post-divorce is not nearly as interesting as the divorce of their parents. Sure, the paparazzi likes to get those adorable pictures of children of famous people, but during a divorce, or even after, it’s not like someone snaps a picture and go, “oh, Johnny seems to be taking his parents’ divorce really badly.” The kids are the least of it. Nobody thinks about them, it seems.
Take for example one of the couples on our 13 most shocking celebrity divorces of 2o10: Charlie and Brooke Mueller. Charlie’s been married about three times. His last marriage to Brooke created two lovely little boys, Max and Bob Sheen. His marriage to Denise Richards produced two lovely little girls, Sam and Lola Sheen. When was the last time anybody asked, how are these children doing, post-divorce? It never even comes up. Their welfare  is not nearly as interesting and important as what is going on with Charlie and his latest trollop or which best friend’s husband Denise hooks up with. 
There are so many celebrities who have divorced with young, minor children. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Courteney Cox and David Arquette (well, they are separated), Kate and John Gosselin, Rosie O’Donnell and Kelly Carpenter, Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes, Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, Kelly Rutherford, Shaquille and Shaunie O’Neal, and the list goes on…………
What happens to these children? Does anyone stop to think about how these celebs’ children might be affected by this divorce situation? The fact is, except for reality star/celeb Kate Gosselin’s kids (who recently got expelled from school, allegedly, due to problems handling the divorce) no one hears anything about these children in the press. So perhaps they are doing fine, notwithstanding the divorce. Perhaps its just water on a duck’s back. Perhaps the parents are really doing a great job behind the scenes to protect their children. It does not escape me that with very few exceptions (Mel and Oksana come to mind), celebs don’t tend to have drag down custody fights over their children. That’s commendable.
Mercifully, a recent crop of celebrities did themselves a favor and did not choose to have children so that even though they are divorced, no little lives are impacted. Those divorcing celebrities include Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, Eva and Tony Longoria Parker, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lackey and Avril Lavigne and her hubby, whatever his name is. (Sorry, don’t mean to be obnoxious but I don’t know his name.)
Still, I think that more celebs should wait at least five years before they start having children to give the marriage a chance to see how it will fare. Even though it may appear that celebrity kids handle divorce just fine, there’s got to be issues behind the scenes and celebrities would do well, to put off having children till their marriages have had a chance to gel – a process that takes a minimum of five years.
It is in the best interest of all their unborn children, IMHO.