8 divorce DADTs

8 divorce DADT's (don't ask, don't tell)

Now the the U.S. Senate has repealed “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” I have found the motivation to complete this post and ¬†move this draft to publication as it has been sitting in draft for months now, waiting for the right moment to come out. Here are 8 things you should never ask a divorcing person; nor should a divorcing person ever volunteer this information:
1. Were you cheating (and if so when and with whom)?
2. How much money did you get in your divorce settlement?
3. What exactly was wrong with your sex life? (For example, did your ex constructively abandon you? Did someone give the other an STD? Was someone impotent? Did someone want the other to role play or use weird gadgets?)
4. Is your ex a drug addict/sex addict/crack addict/any other kind of addict?
5. Does the divorce have to do with infertility or any privacy issues relating to procreation or the inability to procreate such as use of IVF, artificial insemination?
6. Did you ever love this person or did you just marry for money or convenience?
7. Were you spying on your spouse and with what means and for how long?
8. Did you hide money from your ex so that you would have to pay a lower settlement or so that you would have a lower tax liability?
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