UK: Bishop of Oxford slams Hine Solicitors for tacky holiday sale for their divorce services

The Bishop of Oxford is completely disgusted with a UK solicitor firm for advertising a “half price sale” on their legal services to divorcing couples as if it’s a sale on furniture or fancy shoes.

UK bishop angered by 1/2 off divorce sale by solicitors

It has the Bishop of Oxford hopping mad. The Bishop slams the solicitors saying that their advertisement is “tacky” and that it “exploits people’s sorrows.” Says Daily Mail:

A law firm has come under fire for advertising a cut-price ‘divorce promotion’ for couples wanting to split up after Christmas.
Hine Solicitors has printed thousands of leaflets about its half-price offer, which starts straight after the festive season.

But the Bishop of Oxford has branded the deal ‘tacky’ and accused the lawyers of exploiting people’s sorrow. But is it really exploitation if folks are going to divorce anyway? Is it the lawyer’s fault that folks can’t hold their marriages together? If a marriage is strong, no advertisement can sway a couple to end their union. Once again, I think folks are unfairly lashing out at divorce lawyers. How is it a lawyer’s fault for a twenty year marriage going bust? Chances are the lawyer doesn’t know these people till the client walks into the office after maybe a decade in an unhappy situation. And the fact is, more people divorce in January than any other month of the year. That is true across the globe:

Katie Lowndes from Hine Solicitors said: ‘If a couple are going through difficulties and they have decided together that they want to have a divorce, then of course they would probably be looking at going to a solicitor in January anyway. They really need to be sure that it’s the right decision for them because divorce is a big life-changing move and it shouldn’t be taken light-heartedly.’
The half-price divorce deal is being advertised for couples seeking an uncontested divorce in Oxford and the Home Counties towns of Beaconsfield and Gerrards Cross from January 4 to January 21.
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