David Goldman triumphs with memoir about custody battle with Brazilian ex wife for minor son

We’ve been following the David Goldman story for a few years and now, according to the AP, he is coming out with a memoir about his struggle for custody of his son Sean with his ex wife Bruna Bianchi who abducted the child and took him to Brazil. Fate had it so that Bruna later died in child birth and her new husband tried to keep David from seeing his son. But David got some big wigs in Washington to help him and finally, the Brazilian government facilitated him getting his son back years after the child was first taken to Brazil by his mother Bruna.
In any event, David’s apparently written a new book. Here’s the AP on the story:

David Goldman’s “A Father’s Love” will be released in May by Viking, the publisher announced Monday. In 2004, Goldman was married and living in Tinton Falls, N.J. when his wife Bruna Bianchi flew to Brazil with their 4-year-old son, Sean, for what was supposed to be a vacation. She announced she was staying there with Sean, later divorced Goldman and remarried.
Goldman spent years in American and Brazilian courts before he finally brought Sean home in 2009. Bianchi died in 2008 in childbirth, but Sean’s Brazilian stepfather and grandmother continued to fight for custody in Brazil.

 Good karma to David. Clearly, Bruna did him wrong and now, it’s his turn to triumph. Our best wishes go out to him. Check the links below for our past posts on this saga.