State of Texas continues to block same-sex divorces

Are ou gay? Are you married? Do you want a divorce? You may have trouble getting it in Texas. According to the WSJ, Texas continues to forbid not only same-sex marriages, but same sex divorces as well:

On Wednesday, a state lawyer argued before an appeals court on Wednesday that a District Judge Scott Jenkins violated state law when he granted a divorce earlier this year to a same-sex couple. Click here for the story, from the Austin American-Statesman.
James Blacklock, a lawyer in the attorney general’s appellate division, said that Texas law forbids any action that recognizes or validates a same-sex marriage granted in another state, even if the point of the action is to dissolve such a marriage.
But Blacklock added that same-sex couples are allowed to legally dissolve their marriages through another route, one called “voidance,” which divides property and is recognized nationwide. “This case is obviously about more than that,” he said. “This case is about the desire of same-sex couples to have their marriages recognized as law.” [more]