EASTERN EUROPE: World's highest divorce rates are in Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine: Is this a natural consequence of the fall of socialism?

World divorce rates: Why is the divorce rate rising so fast and furiously in B.U.R.M.? (Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova – the New Eastern Europe – and Russia)?

B.U.R.M. divorce rates off the charts!

Once upon a time, there was a land called USSR and within its geopolitical borders, the inhabitants of its 15 republics tended to stay married for a very, very long span of time. Men, of course were in charge of things and headed the family and largely “provided” and women knew their places and worked to help keep the family in tact with nurturing, and other traditional “roles.”  But then, there was a blitzkrieg “velvet” divorce in USSR and everybody went their separate ways and formed their own socialist republics that include Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia.
Then, everybody wanted to be more “democratic” like Europe and America and all of a sudden, marriage wasn’t quite as “sacred” anymore and didn’t quite have to last to eternity; and the divorce rate started to climb. But in a weird, twisted way, this was a good thing. It meant more freedoms for more people and autonomy that had never been experienced. And, of course, there was corruption too. And many oligarchs became “billionaires.” 
Now, nothing would make these former USSR republics happier than to be a part of the EU marriage and share in the spoils of that Union. But before that, they have a lot of work to do that include combating drug trafficking, human rights violations, rule of law violations, a weak financial system, pollution, illegal immigration, and a host of other problems. Is divorce one of those problems they need to address before the EU will take them on? Is their divorce rate bad for “trade”?
Now that Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine have been ranked as having the highest divorce rates in the entire world everyone is wondering, “how come? What is going on with that?” One explanation is that these so called newly birthed “managed democracies” are doing their very best to imitate the EU and the West culturally, financially, socially and otherwise, and with the good, comes the bad.
It is no secret that the West and parts of Europe enjoy some of the highest divorce rates in the World. BURM is certainly equal parts European and equal parts Asian and we know that the Asian divorce rates, while rising, are a joke compared to those in Western countries. B.U.R.M is sandwiched between Europe and Asia and is doing its damndest to appear more Western so that it can gain admission to the EU and so that may be one reason for this social revolution, if you may, that is causing folks to exercise more freedoms, including those that involve dissolving marital and familial relationships at the drop of a hat.
But the reason the divorce rates are so high in this “region” could also be that the rampant “corruption” that many believe to exist in these countries, and the increasing distrust that many inhabitants of these countries have for their governments, is literally causing the entire social structure and culture to disintegrate. So it is not so much the fall of socialism that is causing this increase in the divorce rates, but really, a sense that people have that they can count on nothing and no one, and that they might as well divorce and save themselves in what ever way they can – since really, is socialism really falling? Or is it really camouflaged as something else?
And if so, what is so wrong with that with people exercising their freedoms in whatever way they can?