GOP leaning states gain in census – what will that mean for divorce rates in the U.S.?

Will gains for GOP mean good things for the divorce rate?
The Census Bureau has come out with some sobering statistics for Democrats. It seems that the recent numbers are tilting towards Republicans and this means that there will be a sort of redistricting of sorts, giving the GOP additional seats in the House of Representatives.

The population count released Tuesday by the U.S. Census Bureau showed the total U.S. population was 308,745,538 and confirmed long-held assumptions that the balance of power in the country is titling away from Democratic strongholds in the Northeast and Midwest to warmer states in the Sunbelt, from Florida to Arizona, where Republicans hold sway. WSJ

The state of Texas, for example, which forbids gay divorces (and marriages) will add four seats in the House. Overall, what does that mean for the divorce rate in the U.S.? Well, if the GOP has its way, divorce as we know it will probably be illegal in America. It is no secret that states that lean heavily Republican, especially those in the Bible Belt and the rest of the Sun Belt (including those states in the Southwest like Texas and Arizona) frown upon divorce, and view “marriage” through a rather traditional lens. With these gains, could the U.S. divorce rate and divorce laws be in for a makeover?
Of course, the biggest irony of the thing is that the divorce rates in the Bible Belt and other Republican strongholds like Texas and Arizona, are way higher than they are for more liberal states like New York and Massachusetts. Florida, for example, has one of the highest divorce rates in the country. Broward county in particular has a very high rate of divorce. Nevada has a high divorce rate. And Texas is right up there too. So let’s wait and see what, if anything, these new numbers actually mean. But remember what the Associated Press said back in November? Read here:
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