KEEPING UP WITH HUFFPOST DIVORCE: Huff comes out with world divorce rates!

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HuffPost on World divorce rates: Wow! I haven’t been keeping up with Huffpost lately because I just am too busy doing my own thing over here. But I googled divorce trends news today and found an article on Huff about world divorce rates. How could I not discuss it when my whole divorce blog is about world divorce issues? I have to say, HuffPost is getting good! In the beginning, I was starting to feel a little disappointed that they weren’t really tackling anything beyond celebrities and other fluff topics. But they are getting good. New York Times good, I think.
So anyways, seems the countries with the top divorce rates include the U.S. (we were about third), Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Cuba, Cayman Islands and a few others, like Bermuda, and I think the Czech Republic….check it out at This actually inspired me to complete a post I’ve had in draft about some of these very countries. Thanks Huff!
Oh, btw, they have a recent article on whether marriage should have an expiration date. We beat them to that one and did that post a couple of months ago. Read it here:
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