SCOTLAND: Recent data shows lowest divorce rates in 30 years – Catholics have strongest marriages of all

Well, here’s a reason to be proud to be Catholic: Recent data shows that the Divorce rates in Scotland are at a 30 year low and that Catholic marriages are the strongest. Says the Associated Press:


Divorce rates in Scotland have fallen to their lowest level in almost 30 years, new figures have revealed.
The statistics show that there were 10,173 divorces in 2009/10, 10% fewer than the previous year and the lowest level since 1981.
For the first time, the official figures have also broken down how likely you are to stay married by the type of wedding you have, indicating that Catholic marriages are by far the strongest.

Btw, have you seen the new TV commercials “Catholics come home?” The Church is on this quest to get errant Catholics like us to start to go to church again. I say, not until you change some of your outlandish teachings. And you know what I’m talking about. Until then, my church, as I keep telling folks, is in my heart and that is where I go to find god, and not inside any buidling no matter how ornate. But I still love the church. And if I must practice any religion at all, it will be that….plus, my notions about marriage are definitely very Catholic. I am more anti-divorce than anyone probably will ever know.