The Catholic marriage may be the most divorce-proof of all!

Catholic divorce rates lower than average in the rest of the population

Interesting divorce news: Just to piggyback off the post I just did about the divorce rate in Scotland being at a 30 year low, I wanted to specifically address this point that was made by the AP report that shows that marriages (I guess in Scotland) involving Catholics, tend to last longer than other marriages. Why would that be? I know for myself as a renegade ex-communicated Catholic (well, not quite, but I don’t go to church) I have a thing about divorce. I really do. I actually believe that marriage should be eternal and that no matter what (except if the son of a bitch is beating me to a pulp on a regular basis; or tells me he’s homosexual; or gambles away all the family fortune; or molests my kids; or has an affair with a family member; or takes drugs; or has a drinking problem; or sits home and expects to be a house-husband while I bring home the bacon [is he out of his mind???]; or comes out as an atheist and expects me to be a part of that; or makes bizarre sexual demands upon me; or anything untoward that is similar to the forementioned) barring something unforeseen, I believe marriage should be forever. I really do.

Marriage is a sacred thing. And Catholics, I think, really tend to take their vows very literally in the sense of “till death do us part” probably more than others. And then you fear retribution from the Pope and being really ex-communicated….and it’s really involved. Really complicated. But I have to say, I totally understand and believe these statistics. Because all the Catholics I know, including my parents, have been married since Whappee killed phillip (mom and dad are in their 45th year and both are only in their early sixties).
And you know what? For all my renegade tendencies? I think I would prefer, if I ever get married? To tie the knot with a Catholic man, even if, like me, he doesn’t remember the last time he entered into a church vestibule.
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