LONDON: Zara Phillips, grand-daughter of Queen Elizabeth, gets engaged (her parents Princess Anne and Mark Phillips divorced in 1992)

Zara Phillips gets engaged

When she was only ten years old, Zara Phillips’ mom and dad Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, got divorced. The year was 1992. Since that time, princess Zara (as she would have been called had her mother not declined the Queen’s offer to give her children royal titles) has gone on to be an accomplished equestrian and has largely shun the socialite scene in London, unlike her other cousins. Which is why her recent engagement to her long time boyfriend Mike Tindall is so peculiar – in terms of the timing. If one did not know better, one would think she were trying to upstage Prince William and Kate Middleton who just announced their engagement last month, and who are scheduled to be married in Westminster Abbey next April. Is Zara trying to upstage them?
Whatever the case may be, we wish all the royals well in terms of marital harmony and accord. Both Zara and William are said to be close pals and both of them are getting married around the same time, and both of them come from a divorce lineage and pedigree. So hopefully they won’t walk in their parents’ footsteps in this regard.