Anne Riddell's jilted ex-husband, Bob Ennis, goes nuclear in Forbes: he makes veiled threat to sue New York Times!

Anne Riddell’s ex-husband Bob Ennis goes nuclear about his daughter’s picture appearing in the New York Times
This little story in the “vows” section of the New York Times about the romance and marriage of Anne Riddell and John Partilla takes a treacherous turn for the scary. Now, ex husband Bob Ennis gets interviewed by Huffpost Forbes and he sounds mad as hell about a number of things, not the least of which is that his ten year old daughter’s picture was included in the article without his permission. He also slammed the New York Times’ journalistic integrity:

“The primary story here is not that interesting,” he says. “People lie and cheat and steal all the time. That’s a fact of life. But rarely does a national news organization give them an unverified megaphone to whitewash it….
These folks are well within their rights to tell whatever version of reality they want to tell, and if The New York Times is gullible enough to print it, that mostly reflects poorly on the Times,” he says. “The picture of my daughter is another matter. I sure as hell would have objected if they had told me they were going to print it…..Maybe The New York Times has forgotten, but New York can still be a dangerous town for children of wealthy people. I want to find out from the Times how that occurred and I will expect some sort of response and if I don’t get one I’ll take further measures to achieve one.” [FORBES]

Okay. I don’t know what to say about this. I think the vows were an exercise in poor judgment for sure. They should have kept their mouths shut and quietly started their lives together without drawing this much attention to themselves. As for the picture? I mean, if the Times had the permission of the custodial parent, for sure there is no liability here. I don’t know of any law that would require the Times to get both parents signature for something like this. If they had joint custody….that still doesn’t usually go to issues like a child’s picture appearing in an international newspaper. It goes more to religious issues, education, health, things like that. I think if Anne gave the Times permission to print the picture of the minor daughter, while it was poor judgment, and while it would have behooved her to get an okay from the father (as a courtesy) I think the Times will be okay on this one. Unless she did not have legal custody and something in the custody order forbade her to do something like this….that’s my take. I could be wrong….see what happens when the NYT loses it’s mind and thinks it’s re-born as HuffPost divorce Divorce Saloon???
But did those two love birds, Ann Riddell and John Partilla step on a landmine or what? I think they are very immature and are totally infatuated with each other.
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