CANADA: Mary Elizabeth Harriman, Wife of convicted sex killer and former Canadian Forces Base commander Russell Williams to file for divorce

Originally published 12/21/10. This is a strange story about a highly respected military commander who was convicted of killing a couple women and broke and entered into people’s homes (and then photographed himself in women’s underwear) and other misdeeds.  Now his bride Mary Elizabeth Harriman is seeking a divorce but she wants the Ottawa courts to seal the records from the prying eyes of the press. However, she is being accused of fraudulently transferring marital property into her name to avoid the reach of creditors and/or victims who may seek retribution for her husband’s crimes.

OTTAWA — The wife of convicted sex killer and former Canadian Forces Base Trenton commander Russell Williams intends to file for divorce.

Before she does, Mary Elizabeth Harriman is asking an Ottawa court for a sealing order to protect her from the “voluminous” national media attention she fears the proceeding will attract.
“She does not want the undue attention that will likely be focused on what is a very personal matter,” Harriman’s lawyer, Mary Jane Binks, said on Tuesday.
In an affidavit filed last week at the Ottawa courthouse, Binks said both Williams and her client have been the subject of “immeasurable media attention.” Binks said that in order to commence divorce proceedings from Williams, her client will be required to produce three years’ worth of tax returns and other financial and personal information, including medical records.
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