Did Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have a friendship divorce?

Nicole Richie married long time boyfriend Joel Madden last weekend at her daddy’s palatial spread in Beverly Hills (or some other exclusive neighborhood in Los Angeles) and notably absent from the guest list was her former BFF Paris W. Hilton.

Friendship divorce for Nicole and Paris?

Did those two have yet another friendship divorce? When they were filming the Simple Life, a lifetime ago, they had had a big time divorce over some dispute involving one of Paris’ sex tapes. (Nicole was rumored to have shown the little gem at a gathering of friends, presumably to make fun of Paris.) But they reconciled and were BFF’s again, and even, at one point, was dating twin brothers -Nicole with Joel and Paris with Benji.

Now, come to find out, Nicole wed Joel in a lavish ceremony (home girl had not one, not two but three Marchesa gowns for the fete) and Paris was nowhere in sight? Wow. This was a delayed reaction, of course, since I’ve been so busy with other travails. But it just hit me, like an epiphany, that those two must have had another friendship divorce.
Nicole Richie sent a very loud and clear message to ex BFF Paris Hilton: YOU ARE NOT INVITED. I HATE YOU. EW. And she didn’t even have to say the words. She did it by her actions. Which is sad. And deep. And because this is something she can never take back, I really hope that Nicole is ready to write off Paris forever this time. Because a BFF does not leave her BFF off her wedding guest list and expect to EVER go back to being BFF’s again. This divorce is permanent. Even if they become “acquaintances” again, it will never, ever be the same. Trust me on this.
Oh, and you know what else? I’ve always thought that Paris loved Nicole more than Nicole loved Paris. I don’t think Paris would have done this to Nicole in a million years, no matter what the heck fights they were having. 
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