Disturbing news about plastic surgery & divorce: Surgeons offering "divorce packages" for "vengeance plastic surgery"

Divorce “vengeance” plastic surgery

Filed in Divorce News:  Have you ever heard of “vengeance plastic surgery?” Is it problematic from an ethical standpoint when medical doctors like plastic surgeons offer reduced prices for plastic surgery procedures to people going through divorce? In other words, isn’t it a bit unethical to try to exploit someone’s emotional problems in this manner? In other words, I just read this article from the Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune about plastic surgeons who offer “divorce packages” to men and women who are recently divorced and it gives me pause. I don’t know if ethically, this is okay. When someone is going through divorce, it is understandably very stressful and they can start to look aged and greyed and otherwise putrid. Yes. But to offer them these vengeance plastic surgery packages? As if somehow a new nose or liposuction will take the place of a spouse or will soothe the pain of a broken home and marriage? As if plastic surgery is like taking a holiday to a Caribbean island? I don’t know.

But it is being done, according to the Star Tribune:

“There are a lot of women who come in either pre- or post-divorce who are looking to make themselves feel a little bit better,” says Michael D. Cohen, medical director of the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland.
The whole story might not come out at the beginning, he says, but once he gets to know a patient, he often starts to hear details of a split.
He recently did a tummy tuck and eyelid lift on a woman just out of a 37-year marriage, followed by breast augmentation for a woman in her 20s who found out her husband had cheated on her.
“She suggested to the people preparing her for surgery that it was sort of payback,” he said.
Hence the nickname the procedures have gained: “vengeance plastic surgery.” It’s become so popular with physician Stephen Greenberg’s clients in New York City that he developed a “divorce package” that gives patients a slight discount if they’re coming off a breakup.
And it’s not just women. Greenberg estimates that 30 percent of the patients taking advantage of the plan are men. [more]

It is one thing to come down on divorce lawyers who offer half off their services if you file for divorce after the holidays. But what do you say to a medical doctor who offers vengeance plastic surgery packages? Is this capitalism? Or is it something more demonic?
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