Nicole Kidman: Was she adopted-mommy dearest?

Nicole Kidman adopted-mommy dearest?

In her latest post-divorce interview with Hello! Magazine Nicole Kidman waxes poetic about how much she wished her teenaged adopted children lived with her and her new husband Keith Urban in Nashville. They live instead with their adopted dad, Tom Cruise, in Los Angeles with his new wife Kathie Holmes and new daugher Suri.

Adopted-mommy dearest?

And Nicole was probably a perfectly warm and loving mother. But it is curious that the children so turned away from her and went with Cruise instead. It actually sounds like she hardly sees them which means they are not exactly tripping over themselves to see their adopted mom. Meanwhile, Nicole is very hands on with her birth daughter Sunday Rose. Hmmmmm………..could Nicole have been a teeny weeny mommy dearest to those children? Is that why they are keeping their distance now?