Wrong news: Could the world divorce rate statistics from the UN Demographic Yearbook be misleading?

Filed in Divorce News: According to the UN Demographic Yearbook statistics, Russia leads the world in divorces, followed closely by Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine. The Cayman Islands, United States, and Cuba round out the top ten countries with the highest rates of divorce in the world. But what does it all mean? When you consider that the United States has a population of over three hundred million people (approximately 308,000,000) and Cayman Islands has a population of 54,000 (yes, I said 54,000) what do these statistics really mean? Also, the number of divorces in the United States exceed a million annually. (How many times does the entire 50K population of the Cayman Islands fit into one million U.S. population of divorces?) Seriously?
Could these statistics be just slightly misleading? If not outright ridiculous? How do you put out these types of statistics that compare a country like the United States with a population of three hundred million, to a place with the population of maybe one county in the smallest state in America? As a rational thinking human being, one has to wonder, what value are these statistics in the grand scheme of things?
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