Frank McCourt has filed OBJECTIONS to the judge's ruling that Dodgers is community property

Frank McCourt files OBJECTIONS to the Dodger decision
Don’t call Frank McCourt a sore loser. And don’t call him a quitter either. But you could call him an objector. Because he’s recently filed objections to the Dodger divorce ruling by Judge Gordon at Los Angeles Superior. Frank filed his papers through his lawyers to get the judge in his divorce case against Jamie McCourt to reconsider the ruling that the Dodgers is community property. Frank is insisting that it is his separate property.
Frank and his lawyers are obviously laying the ground work for an appeal. They want to show that the judge was either wrong on the law or the facts or both. Will they be successful? Doubtful. This case is pretty clear cut on it’s face. Frank should be a little bit embarrassed to even want to stiff Jamie like this after such a long marriage. but aside from that, it is clear that their intentions when they executed the prenup was not the same. They both thought they were doing the deal for different reasons. There was no meeting of the minds. Therefore, there is no enforceable agreement/contract. Why is he wasting more money on a losing case? Beat the heck outta me. Read more about Mr. McCourt’s OBJECTIONS here: