Superlawyer Dennis Wasser socks it to Frank McCourt and Frank's lawyers

Dennis Wasser is riding high since the December ruling by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge that his client Jamie McCourt is entitled to a community property share of the Dodgers franchise. It’s not like he was up against rookies. He had bulldogs like Sorrell Trope, Marc Seltzer and Houston-based Stephen Susman to contend with. Susman is a leading national┬átrial lawyer, according to published reports:

Frank McCourt has added a star trial lawyer to his legal team, ensuring that a nationally prominent attorney will lead each side in the battle for ownership of the Dodgers. Stephen Susman, a Houston-based attorney ranked by several legal publications as one of the premier trial lawyers in the country, is the latest addition to the all-star teams representing McCourt and his estranged wife, Jamie, in divorce proceedings.

And yet, Dennis Wasser prevailed. It was a doggone blitzkrieg. Although, no one should be surprised by┬áDennis’ competence as a divorce lawyer. He’s been in the business for a very long time. His daughter Laura Wasser is also a superlawyer and has made a big name for herself in Hollywood as well.
Dennis was pretty dismissive of an objection that was filed by Frank McCourt and his bevy of lawyers yesterday, seeking to set aside the judge’s ruling and reinstate the prenuptial agreement which would make the Dodgers Frank’s separate property. According to Bloomberg, Dennis pretty much said, “whatever.” In other words, he basically said, to paraphrase, that the case has been adjudicated and all the arguments have already been made and so there is really nothing to reargue, reconsider or reinstate. Just give Jamie her half and let’s just all get on with it. Ahahahahahaha ­čÖé Gotta love this drama, eh?