Celebrities, divorce & the ethnic baby: Is Eva Longoria next?

Celebrities, divorce and the ethnic baby: Will Eva Longoria adopt a Haitian child?

Used to be that celebs like Paris Hilton used to crave photo ops with their cute, furry puppies. Now it seems that ethnic babies have become fashionable among A list actresses in Hollywood – operative words being, “it seems.” And many seem to adopt around the time of a divorce – whether immediately pre or post-divorce. Why is that? One theory is that after the loss of a marriage, or any other type of huge loss, many people go within. They try to reinvent themselves. They start to think of others, to see who might be in greater plight than they are. It wouldn’t be surprising, for example, if actresses like Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson adopted Haitian babies within a couple of years of their divorces. (btw, about 300 Hatian babies were airlifted to France this week to be adopted by French families – and there are many, many more who need families). One of the weekly gossip magazines, I can’t remember which one, actually claims that Eva is on the verge of adopting a child, post-divorce from Tony Parker.

Have ethnic babies become the new fashion accessory in Hollywood?

It’s curious how so many celebrities (who happen not to be black themselves) are choosing to adopt black babies vis a vis Asians or even Hispanic babies. It begs the question: Is it easier to get black children than other races and why? Or do celebrities feel that more black children need homes than, say, White, Asian or even Hispanic children and so they make this choice out of the goodness of their hearts and best intentions? Or do they think that it makes them appear to be more open-minded, magnanimous and loving? Is it better for their career, in other words? Or is it just the luck of the draw – in other words they adopt whatever child is available at the time? What are their motivations and intentions? That is the question.