BRITAIN: Omobono, a Cambridge company, develops an interactive divorce calculator

The Divorce Calculator
In England, a company, Omobono, has developed this cutting edge interactive calculator that is specifically designed to assist divorcing and separating couples with figuring out divorce/separation specific financial issues and problems. According to a recent newswire:

Innovative divorce calculator hits market

CAMBRIDGE, England, December 27, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Digital marketing agency Omobono has developed an online interactive calculator for use with the Divorce & Separation microsite launched earlier this year for the Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB) established by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).
Independent research identified the need for a totally impartial website which helps people facing divorce and separation to cope with the significant financial pressures that inevitably arise. The Divorce and Separation site covers a score of topics, including coping with immediate financial needs, budgeting for two households, tax credits and future financial needs.
The calculator is the first of its kind, specifically designed to help individuals assess the financial affects of divorce, separation or civil partnership dissolution by providing guidance in determining and distributing financial assets and arrears during the process of divorce or separation.

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