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Kobe and Vanessa: Are they getting a divorce?

For some strange reason, the Google Analytics for this divorce blog erupted over the last 48 hours with the query “Is a divorce imminent for Kobe Bryant.” Most of the traffic came by way of Yahoo!. What does this mean? Upon realizing that our traffic was exploding for no logical reason for this search term, IĀ did a Google search for “Kobe Bryant Divorce 2010” and found a dearth of articles about this topic. Surely, there was nothing in the mainstream press about it. I mean, HuffPost divorce had nothing, NYT had nothing, Daily News had nothing, NYP had nothing….not even blogs like Perez Hilton or Popeater had a whisper on this issue. So it leaves me to surmise that Kobe and Vanessa are NOT getting a divorce. It makes no sense why our traffic has exploded the way it has, nevertheless. And usually, where there is smoke there is fire. Something is going on. But so far, no one of any credence has picked up on the story. Stay tuned though. If anything changes, we will update this post. For now, to answer the question “Is Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa getting a divorce?” the answer is “NO.”

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