Hugh Hefner gets engaged barely a year after second divorce – without a prenup?

The indefatigable Hugh Hefner

Barely a year after his divorce from his second wife Kimberly Conrad was finalized, Hugh Hefner, 84, is at it again. He’s proposed to girlfriend Crystal Harris, 24. Shockingly enough, Crystal Harris is only going to be Hefner’s third wife. His first marriage was in the 1950s and his second marriage was in 1989 (lasted two decades!). We wish the Hef and his new bride-to-be mazel tov. Hopefully the third time will be a charm and there won’t be a third divorce. Although, if there is, hopefully, he still has enough of his faculties working such that he has an air tight prenup drawn up prior to the nuptials to protect his assets. Getting married to such a young woman without a prenuptial agreement would be idiotic on his part. He should know better than to do that. As far as the age difference? Well, if an 84 year old woman shacked up with a 24 year old man, it would be conversationally explosive. This? Please. Business as usual. Right or wrong? Crystal should definitely get good legal counsel before she signs the prenup though.