Kelsey Grammer asks divorce judge to rush his divorce from Camille so he can re-marry fast

Speed it up! Kelsey Grammer asks divorce judge to speed up his divorce from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so that he can marry wifey number five? Kayte Walsh, 29. Basically that means Kelsey is asking for the rush job on thet divorce proceedings and he wants them to be bifurcated meaning the actual divorce proceedings are cut into two parts: the divorce judgment and the ironing out of the money issues (and possible custody of the children as well) so that he can remarry right away;  Ouch. He really can’t wait to be rid of her, eh? I give his new marriage a maximum of two years. That is not a true love connection. Kelsey is angry is Camille and is hiding behind love of a new woman to punish her.