Kelsey Grammer is going to hit Camille Grammer with the mother of all custody wars!

Kelsey Grammer will next move for custody of his children with Camille – she will be devastated

UPDATED: I was right. Kelsey is so predictable that I predicted what he’d do down to the T. He has filed for custody…..

Original post filed a few months back:

Can Kelsey Grammer win a custody fight with Camille? There has been no mention in the press that Kelsey Grammer is even thinking about filing for custody of his two children with wife of fourteen years, and real housewife of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer. However, Camille needs to brace herself. Kelsey’s actions thus far are pointing to a mens rea that could be very scary for Camille. First, he ups and impregnates another woman before even telling Camille it’s over. Then, he tells everyone but Camille he wants a divorce – he finally informs her by text message, allegedly. On top of that, he makes¬†Camille look like an idiot on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – just as she “comes out of his shadow.” Then he gets engaged to this new woman not even a year after dating the new woman, Kayte Walsh, and before the marriage divorce from Camille is finalized. Then he moves to block Camille’s access to his pensions and other assets. Then he moves to “rush” the divorce so that he can remarry his lover.

So far, not a word about the kids. But this is coming and Camille needs to get ready. This man means to strip her of everything, the least of which is her pride and her children. If possible, he wants to walk away with her having NOTHING least of all the kids. Because he seems to love his kids. Based on the clips from RHBH, he really gets along with them and they with him. If, as it appears, he is out to completely eviscerate Camille emotionally and financially, then his next move is going to be a custody fight so that he can rub Camille’s nose all over the fact that the kids love their step mom Kayte more than they love her (Camille). It is going to be a very agonizing 2011 for Camille Grammer. Her troubles are only just beginning. Because chances are, Kelsey will probably be able to prove that she is somehow less fit than he to raise the kids. And he will convince the judge that it is in the children’s best interest to be with him and his new wife, Kayte Walsh.

Kayte Walsh needs to watch out for this guy. He may do the same to her one day.