MOSCOW: Will billionaire Mikkail Khodorkovsky's wife Inna divorce him now that he's been found GUILTY?

Will former Moscow billionaire Mikkail Khodorkovsky’s wife Inna divorce him?
Former billionaire Mikkail Khodorkovsy’s been jailed in Moscow since 2005 for fraud and tax evasion. The billionaire was due to be released in 2012 but, according to him, Vladimir Putin is behind a vendetta to keep him incarcerated, for political reasons and a recent trial will add at least five more years to his jail sentence.

Vladimir Putin keeps political rival in jail

The question now is how long can his wife Inna be expected to wait for him to be freed? Will she seek a divorce with this new verdict?

Khodorkovsky‘s wife Inna said in an interview with the monthly Snob magazine that she expects him to be kept behind bars at least until 2012. She said that her husband wasn’t expecting any clemency from the authorities. “My husband is a strong man,” she said. “He has made a decision for himself and has no hope.”

But Inna will have to wait till much longer than 2012 to have her billionaire husband back. Now, the judges are accusing Mikkail of corruption. These are brand new charges which will keep him locked up much longer:

judge in Moscow has found former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail KhodorkovskyMikhail Khodorkovskyand his business partner Platon Lebedev guilty of corruption charges in his second trial, Russian news agencies reported, Monday.The verdict is still being read out.
Khodorkovsky and his business partner Platon Lebedev are accused of stealing billions of dollars’ worth of oil from Yukos production and laundering the proceeds between 1998-2003. Khodorkovsky has denounced the charges.
Khodorkovsky blaimed Russian President and bureaucracy for the charges against him. His lawyers said that Vladimir Putin is applying pressure to courts.
Khodorkovsky, 47, is the former head of Yukos oil company, once Russia’s largest oil produce. He is already serving an eight-year sentence for fraud and tax evasion.
Khodorkovsky was due to be released from the jail, next year, but latest trial verdict could see him jailed until 2017.
Ahead of verdict, hundreds of Khodorkovsky supporters gathered outside Moscow courthouse, who maintain the case is politically motivated. [more]

Had Khodorkovsky kow-towed to the Kremlin more, this may not have happened. At the same time, US officials such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and European officials have reportedly denounced this verdict and have raised questions about the rule of law in Russia. Other oligarchs who similarly became billionaires have begun to kow tow to the Kremlin following Khodorkovsky’s arrest and incarceration.
Message to Vladimir Putin: Dear Mr. Putin, I really like you. I think you are so manly and gorgeous and strong and tough. But I also believe in the rule of law. And a part of being a man, I think, is to know how to act fairly towards others. I do not respect the decision to keep this man incarcerated if it is unfair, Mr. Putin. And you know you’re my boy. I dig you. But I reject and denounce any act towards another that is unfair and that has no basis in the rule of law. Please free this man if indeed he has been unfairly incarcerated. Very truly yours, Vanessa Sophie