UK: Ban on young foreign spouses entering UK condemned as "arbitrary and disruptive"

Ban on foreign spouses entering UK condemned by Court of Appeals
It seems the UK has a bizarre rule that foreign spouses under the age of 21 cannot live with a UK¬†born spouse¬†within the UK for fear of “forced marriages” or something such. But the Court of Appeals, according to John Bolch of Family Lore, has condemned this rule and maybe this rule will change since it appears, at first blush, to infringe the civil rights of tax paying citizens of the United Kingdom.
Family Lore:

Meanwhile, the BBC reported on Tuesday that: “A ban on young foreign spouses entering the UK has been condemned as “arbitrary and disruptive” by the Court of Appeal.” This refers, of course, to the Court of Appeal judgment in Quila & Anor v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2010] EWCA Civ 1482. The BBC explains:
“The home secretary banned non-European under-21s from living with British partners in the UK as a way of dealing with the problem of forced marriages.
Lord Justice Sedley, one of three judges to hear challenges from two young couples, said it was up to the home secretary to rewrite the rule.
But he said its impact on innocent lives made it “impossible to justify”.
The government said it would seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court.” [more]