On Kayte Walsh homewrecker and Kelsey Grammer's "future earnings"

Is Kayte Walsh a homewrecker? What about Kelsey’s “future earnings?”

NOBODY is calling Kayte Walsh a homewrecker. That’s good. I don’t believe in calling women homewreckers if men are not similarly called that when they are placed in a similar position. Also, I don’t believe anyone has the power to wreck a home that is in tact. Kelsey Grammer is a big boy he’s not a helpless baby who was seduced by a mercenary; and I would bet all my earthly goods that he is the one who went after Kayte Walsh. And he obviously did so because he no longer wanted to be in the home in which he was cast. He wanted a new home, a new wife and a new everything. That is why he is with Kayte and that is why nobody is calling her a homewrecker. They clearly see that something was amiss before Ms. Kayte Walsh came on the scene.

That said, Camille Grammer’s home is definitely wrecked. Her husband wants nothing to do with it anymore. And he is trying to keep Camille’s grubby little paws off his pension. My big question is, what about his “future earnings?” Like what he makes for Les Cage Aux Folles going forward? Or anything that was in production in their mutually owned production company? Or any deals he may have made while still married to Camille but that will come to fruition after a divorce from Camille? Does she get a cut of any of that? If Camille is smart, she will be sure to have her lawyers draft up something airtight, like Diandra Douglas. That was a monster agreement she made with her now ailing exhusband to get a cut of any sequels to any movies Kelsey GrammerMichael Douglas made while married to her. Aka, his future earnings. That was genius on Diandra’s part. Camille should ask for something similar when she divorces Kelsey. ‘Course, Kelsey was no movie star….. He’s only a TV star and given that he’s only a TV star, I’m not even sure how that would work with the future earnings thingy, I mean.