The Kesley Grammer/Camille Grammer-Donatucci's $50 million dollar divorce settlement – no prenup!

With no prenup, will $50 million be the number for a divorce settlement for Kelsey and Camille Grammer?
It’s crazy, but it sounds like Kelsey and Camille Grammer did not have a prenup. That’s right. No prenuptial agreement. So this divorce should be interesting. They will be fighting like dogs. The irony is, they are not all that rich when you get down to it.

Kelsey Grammer to have $50 million settlement with Camille Donatucci

It appears they have, cumulatively, approximately $100 million in assets – chump change when you really get right down to it and compare them to really rich people. They are merely affluent those two. Not all that wealthy. But still. It’s good money if you compare them to someone like, say, me.
But no prenup? That’s crazy. 
In any event, according to published reports, the couple has mostly realty as opposed to cash assets. They own homes in New York, the Hamptons, California, Malibu and Colorado according to TMZ. But the recession has pretty much decimated the value of these properties. So right now, they are land rich and cash poor, except for their salaries on Real Housewives (Camille) and Les Cages Aux Folles (Kelsey). Still, the fact that they didn’t sign a prenup is unbelievable and will really weigh heavily on Kelsey who seems to be the moneyed spouse even though Camille reportedly did the investing.
The fact that they are only worth $100 million is genuinely surprising. Camille acted like she was married to a billionaire. Kelsey wasn’t all that rich. In some ways, he’s actually a little bit poor:

TMZ sources reveal that Grammer and Donatacci made $100 million during their 13-year marriage, mostly due to good real estate investments, meaning Camille could walk away with $50 million.
The couple owns property in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles, Malibu, Hawaii, the Hamptons, New York City and Colorado.
Sources say the divorce proceedings are proving difficult because the flailing economy has decreased the value of the properties.
The actor, who announced his engagement earlier this month, hopes to work out a financial agreement with Donatacci before the first of the year.
Donatacci is seeking primary physical custody of the couple’s daughter and son, in addition to child and spousal support.