Christie Brinkley Divorce: Humor got me through it, she says

Christie Brinkley divorce probably came as the body blow to the supermodel. But she got through it with aplomb and that was due to her sense of humor. And, she says, sometimes it was “black” humor.¬†The beauty maven admits that without a sense of humor, she probably wouldn’t have survived her divorce from Peter Cook in 2008:

Christie Brinkley has insisted that her sense of humor was key to surviving her divorce from ex-husband Peter Cook.
The pair ended their marriage in 2008 following reports that Cook had been unfaithful.
The supermodel admitted to Prevention magazine that laughing helped her to get though such a difficult time.
“You’ve got to find a way to keep laughing, even if it’s black humor, and my friends are very good at that,” she said. “Some people think of happiness as a luxury, but it’s a necessity, and you need to make space for it in your life.”