Divorce News: Lily Shang v. David Glenn Rucker divorce drama: who is entitled to custody of the sex tapes

New York divorce news: Manhattan couple Lily Shang and David Glenn Rucker fight over divorce settlement – sex tape deal

New York Post news reports that a Manhattan husband,David Glenn Rucker, has been sued by his wife Lily Shang to enjoin him from releasing their sex tapes on the Internet. Apparently, in exchange for a lower divorce settlement, the husband promised the wife he would not release the sex tapes and “turn her into the new Paris Hilton.” But the wife’s lawsuit asserts that she is part owner of the copyright/patent/trademark of the sex tapes and that he (her gentleman ex) should not be allowed to release them. Hey, didn’t an argument like this work for Jennifer Lopez? New York Post:

A Manhattan man is threatening to turn his estranged wife into the next Paris Hilton, court filings say.
In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Lily Shang says hubby David Glenn Rucker has told her he’ll post “intimate” videos they made on the World Wide Web unless she cuts him a good deal in their pending divorce case.
The couple, who tied the knot in a civil ceremony in Toronto in April of last year, twice took “certain video of intimate moments of a sexual and private nature” in “the privacy of their own home,” Shang’s suit says.
Rucker filed for divorce this past October, and has ignored Shang’s pleas to either give her the tape or destroy it, the filing says.
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