Lily Shang's divorce/sex tapes: Is Canadian socialite Lily Shang using her divorce "sex tape" to propel herself into New York society?

Is Lily Shang using her divorce and sex tapes to launch her name in New York society?

News: She does have a cool name. Could Canadian Lily Shang be strategically trying to use those alleged sex tapes in a similar manner to Heidi Montag, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian?

Me thinks so. Lily Shang may be using the divorce/sex tapes to try to get publicity and launch her name as a regular bold-face in Page Six and then, once that is accomplished, she can propel herself further in New York social circles and maybe get a reality show like Tinsley Mortimer did (Tinsley gracefully didn’t resort to the sex tape, thank god).

This notion just came to me in an epiphany just now when I read the following in the New York Daily News:

While volunteering on the campaign of Canada’s Liberal Party leader, she [Lily Shang] learned that wearing “electric-blue suede pumps, a miniskirt, a blue sweater and Gucci bag can get you enough credibility credibility with the Conservative camp to flirt your way into finding out their numbers two days before the election,” she wrote in 2006….On a blog Shang kept from 2005 to 2006, she described her life as one “filled with glamorous parties, beautiful friends, money, politics, and a burning ambition to become something more.”…….Shang, a regular at clubs in the Meatpacking District, is a “very glamorous girl who rich men naturally gravitate to,” the friend said.

I smell a socialite wannabe. And maybe her husband is also in on it. Don’t be surprised if there is a reconciliation, a la Heidi and Spencer. I think this divorce is fake and I think the sex tape is a ploy.

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