VENEZUELA: Former President Carlos Perez's wife Blanca and long time mistress Cecelia Matos fight over where to bury him

Bureial fued between wife and mistress: Does the wife or the mistress decide where to bury Venezuelan president Carlos Andres Perez?

Former Venezuelan Prime Minister Carlos Andres Perez

Former Venezuelan president Carlos Andres Perez never divorced his wife Blanca Perez, probably because of his strict Catholic upbringing (assuming he was Catholic). That may come back to haunt him because Blanca Perez wants to take over her husband’s estate, including making burial decisions, even though they have not been together for over a decade and he’s had a long time mistress, Cecelia Matos, per Associated Press.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez may be the reason that former President Carlos Andres Perez is not buried in Venezuela if Perez’s mistress Cecelia Matos has her way. But wife Blanca is putting her foot down hard and she has filed suit in Miami Dade County to enjoin Cecelia from burying the former prime minister (Hugo Chavez led a coup against him in 1992) in the United States. Blanca asserts that since there was no divorce, he is still her husband and she wants her husband buried in Venezuela.

 Even though Cecelia and Carlos Andres Perez lived together as husband and wife in Miami, he has never divorced Blanca so Blanca is still very much his wife. And, evidently, according to Venezuelan law, she is the one who should make that decision since she is his spouse – and this would be consistent with the laws of most states here in the U.S.

Mr. Perez’s daughter whom he had with Blanca said this to the Associated Press:

“They’re still married, and the law is very clear in Venezuela and in the United States: When the person dies, the one who has the right to reclaim the body is the spouse, and we exercised that right.

This fued is tragicomic. But the mistress should definitely yield to the wife on this one. He’s still her husband.