Divorce news highlights of 2010 – from the World's 1st online Divorce Newspaper – Divorce Saloon!

Time to highlight the divorce news stories of 2010!
Hello everyone! It’s New Years Eve, 2010 and it’s time to highlight the top divorce news stories of the past year. There were a lot of crazy divorce news stories in 2010 and the following are just a sampling of the stories we covered on Divorce Saloon – the world’s first online divorce newspaper. The list is not at all exhaustive. It only highlights those divorce news bits that we found especially intriguing. So, without further ado, Divorce News, 2010:
Divorce News – January 2010
Tiger Woods was still trying to salvage his marriage to Elin Woods and had entered rehab to treat his sex addiction.
John Edwards’ sex tape scandal exploded and it was revealed that he had made a tawdry tape with his lover, Rielle Hunter (who sued to keep the tapes from being made public, and seemingly won)
Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen were both in rehab
Brad and Angelina were rumored to be breaking up (they later sued and won an invasion of privacy claim against News of the World tabloid.)
The divorce rate in Haiti fell dramatically following the earthquake
Former Bush aide was charged with trying to kill his wife after she asked for a divorce – Associated Press News.
Dennis Hopper’s daughter Marin Hopper was accused of trying to instigate his death-bed divorce from wife Victoria
Billionaire Steven Cohen was sued by wife Patricia decades after divorce (she wanted money from his alleged “fraudulent” dealings”)
Conan O’Brien and NBC split!
The French moved to make psychological abuse in a marriage a “crime.” (Filed in World Divorce News)
The New York court ordered billionaire Ron Perelman to pay ex wife Ellen Barkin an additional $3.4 million dollars
Kate Gosselin got a new, post-divorce hairdo
Respected French Pschologist Maryse Vaillant advocated that husbands should be allowed to have their little flings.
Divorce rates in Oman fell because husbands were allowed to take second wives
A South Korea court ruled that a “sexless marriage” was not a basis for a divorce – news from the International/associated press.
Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat Pray Love became a movie to star Julia Roberts
Divorce News – February 2010
Desiree Rogers and Barack Obama got a velvet divorce
Stephanie Morgan Madoff didn’t get a divorce but she petitioned the court to get a name change for her and the children.
Jennifer Lopez and Sony got a velvet divorce.
Televangelist Benny Hinn announced divorce.
Tiger Woods apologized in a news conference he probably now regrets.
Texas attorney general blocked a gay divorce in Texas.
Muslim Ambassador stationed in Dubai discovered his new bride had a beard and he asked for a divorce immediately. (Filed in World divorce news)
Divorce bill in Arizona proposed a mandatory “co0ling off” period.
Alec Baldwin was rumored to have attempted suicide in NYC (ostensibly due to post-divorce depression.)
Divorced designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide.
New York courts ruled that an Orange County woman having an affair with her priest could not prevail over her husband’s private detectives who outed the affair.
Wealthy White Plains jeweler was accused of incinerating his wife (he was later convicted.)
Divorce killings increased globally according to news reports.
Conrad Murray arrested for failure to pay child support.
John Edwards accused of domestic abuse in the Enquirer – but can we trust this news?
U.S. pressures Japan to sign the Hague Convention
12 year old Saudi girl drops divorce bid against 80 year old husband.
Divorce News – March 2010
Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade sought sole custody of his kids, post-divorce
Sandra Bullock seeks divorce from Jesse James (he was caught cheating with tattooed freak per news sources).
Divorced Socialite Tinsley Mortimer’s reality show was the big talk of the press.
Jamie McCourt asked the court for $1,000,000 per week alimony.
Jacqueline Getty seeks divorce from her billionaire hubby and accuses him of “choking her” and “making death threats.”
EU proposes law that would make cross-border divorces easier (it is later passed)
North Carolina’s Cynthia Shackleford wins a massive alienation of affection lawsuit against Anne Lindquist.
Man in UK wins lottery day after divorce is finalized.
Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes announce split
Shaq and Shaunie settle their divorce with class.
Nigerian woman left penniless in her divorce in Nigerian Courts, brings action in UK and wins a massive settlement from ex husband.
Yemeni Ali Nugood’s book about her divorce hits bookshelves.
2010 Best Supporting Actress winner Mo’nique announces that she wouldn’t divorce her husband if he cheated.
Link between divorce and Oscar wins established in press reports.
Gwyneth Paltrow talks “friendship divorces” in her newsletter.
Divorce News – August 2010
Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry split.
Tiger Woods “divorce is 100% happening” rumors start to float around the Internet.
Tara Connor blames drug use on her parent’s divorce.
Sandra Bullock announces her post-divorce adoption of an ethnic baby. (Filed in Celebrity divorce news)
Gosselin kids cleared to work on reality show by Labor Board.
NYT article suggests that Greek women are afraid to divorce their husbands.
California becomes the “Divorce Capital of the United States.”
The Divorce Recovery Kit is launched.
A Sudanese divorce possibility is first discussed in the international media.
Larry King and Shawn Southwick announce divorce (they later make up.)
Melissa and Tammy Etheridge split.
Britain allows divorcees to compete in the Miss Great Britain contest for the first time.
Kenny Chesney tells Oprah why he divorced Renee.
Bill proposed in Japan to give out of wedlock kids equality to wedlock kids.
Tiki Barber’s marriage implodes.
Tiger Woods starts his post-divorce losing streak at the Masters Tournament.
Monica Beresford Redman is murdered in an alleged divorce related fight with her husband.
May 2010 divorce news
NYT article claims that “divorce rings” are the hot new trend.
Multi-millionaire Elon Musk claimed he’s too broke to pay wife Justine Musk the settlement she demands.
Gary Coleman dies and ex wife Shannon makes claim for estate on the basis on her being his “common law” wife.
Jersey housewife confined to wheelchair shoots and kills husband days before her lawyer filed divorce papers.
Justine Musk continues to blog about her divorce from Elon.
Matt Lauer/Annette Roque divorce rumors swirl.
Chinese couples get fake divorces to buy second homes.
Dwayne Wade’s wife is incarcerated.
First divorce fair held in Milan.
Italian prime minister Berlusconi and wife talk divorce settlement.
Kim Kardashian’s ex husband Damian calls her a “fame whore.”
Dwayne Wade’s estranged wife sues actress Gabrielle Union.
Laura Bush’s memoir highlights that “Divorce not in her DNA.”
Divorce News stories – June 2010
Supermodel Stephanie Seymour accuses her nanny of spying for her husband Peter Brant
Al and Tipper Gore file for divorce
Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva file restraining orders against each other.
Diandra Douglas sues Michael Douglas for half his salary for Wall Street sequel
Masseuse accuses Al Gore of being a “sexual predator.”
Rich Chinese men seek wife with a “good luck face.”
Malta flirts with legalizing divorce.
Brunei Sultan divorces his wife and revokes all her royal titles.
Laurie David slams reports that she and Al Gore are an item (she later writes cookbook that includes a recipe for divorce brownies.)
In New York, legislators are inching closer to signing a “no fault” divorce bill.
A woman in Batavia, New York is charged with adultery under Penal Law 255.17
Al Gore’s daughter Karenna files for divorce.
Shania Twain’s divorce is finalized.
Nevada governor Jim Gibbons’ messy divorce comes back to haunt him – he loses election.
Heidi and Spencer split
LeAnn Rimes admits “I was selfish” with regard to her divorce from Dean.
A man in China shoots and kills three divorce judges.
Charlie Sheen settles domestic violence case.
Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon files for divorce from cheating husband.
Divorce News – July 2010
Chef Daniel Boulud and wife split
London Courts ban spousal espionage in big money cases.
In Greece, the news is that hedge fund managers Martin Coward and Elena Ambrosiadou to divorce
Mel Gibson’s ex wife Robyn comes out in support against Oksana – even though Mel and Robyn in middle of divorce.
Chelsea Clinton ties divorce-proof knot with Marc Mezvinsky.
Christina Milian divorces while pregnant.
Jose Tabata’s ex wife convicted of faking pregnancy.
News of the World settles lawsuit with Brad and Angelina.
In Nevada, Jim and Dawn Gibbons finalize their divorce.
Tiki Barber sued by sponsors for fraudulent inducement (they claim he pretended to be happily married.)
Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston announce engagement.
Oksana releases the Mel Gibson tapes.
Rising divorce rates threaten Bermudan society.
Tiger Woods still a mess on the golf course.
Elon Musk unloads on Huffpost.
In local news, Federal Courts in Massachusetts hold DOMA unconstitutional.
Divorcee and Russian spy, Anna Chapman pleads guilty to spying for Russia and is deported.
Larry King and Shawn withdraw their divorce petitions.
Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev sued for divorce. (Filed in World divorce news)
Brooklyn judge orders warring Jewish couple to put up a divorce wall splitting their marital residence in two.
In Iran, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani convicted of death by stoning for adultery (international outcry slows down execution)
Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer announce divorce plans.
Tiger Woods divorce rumors continue to swirl but he does not confirm or deny the rumors.
August divorce news 2010
Tiger Woods gets post-divorce bachelor pad in New York
Frank and Jamie McCourt’s bench trial begins
Billionaire Donald Bren wins child support lawsuit.
Tiger and Elin announce their divorce.
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt fake divorce uncovered.
Heidi claims her “sex tapes” makes her cry.
Divorced Wikileaks “terrorist” Julian Assange wanted in Sweden for sex crimes.
New documents found in the McCourt case that could be a game changer.
Paterson signs no fault divorce law in New York.
Rumors swirl that Michael Jackson’s parents Joe and Katherine Jackson are getting a divorce.
Hilary Swank says divorce doesn’t have to mean failure.
Sadie Frost writes tell all about her divorce from Jude Law.
New York court orders visitation by skype.
Kelsey Grammer impregnates a flight attendant.
Newt Gingrich’s wife Marianne speaks out about their divorce to Esquire.
Peter Brant sells his painting Le Baiser, to pay divorce bills (later reconciled with wife Stefanie Seymour)
Singapore bans text message divorce.
HP CEO Mark Hurd is brought down by Jodie Fisher
American Idol Fantasia in divorce/sex scandal.
Three children blown up in gaseous explosion in Edinburgh as a result of protracted divorce between their American parents.
Facebook at root of Ohio divorce
Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn finalize their divorce.
Elin Woods gives huge interview to People Magazine
September 2010 divorce news stories
Oksana to give Oprah Interview
George Lopez announce divorce
Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant call off their divorce.
Ashton and Demi divorce rumors swirl.
McCourt divorce lawyer Larry Silverstein in hot water over prenup.
Wynona Judd admits her divorce due to her husband sexually assaulting a minor.
President Obama caught not wearing his wedding ring.
Wealthy divorcee Patricia Kluge auctions off loot from her divorce settlement.
New York man divorces wife for faking leukemia.
Mark Hurd gets new job with Oracle.
Divorcee Star Jones fails to get billionaire Jeff Greene elected in Florida.
Iranians accuse Carla Bruni Sarkozy of being a homewrecker and prostitute.
Texas says same sex couples can’t get divorce in state of Texas.
October divorce news 2010
Vladimir Putin divorce rumors swirl.
Miley Cyrus parents announce divorce.
Charlie Sheen arrested in boozing scandal at Plaza Hotel in NYC; divorce from Brooke shortly follows.
In London, a high court decision in Radmacher v. Granatino could mean that prenups are now presumptively enforceable.
Rising divorce rates in China raises carbon footprint concerns.
Study shows that military divorce rates on the rise for women in particular, especially for those in active duty.
Courteney Cox and David Arquette announce separation.
Christina Aguilera files for divorce and announces she has a new boyfriend.
David Beckham named in divorce scandal (accused of cheating with another man’s wife.)
Dodger divorce blog the hottest thing in the press.
Divorce news November 2010
Jamie McCourt rejects settlement overture by Frank McCourt
Nicolas Sarkozy brother in protracted divorce in New York.
Neve Campbell’s secret divorce exposed.
New York Jewish woman gets Israeli court to hear divorce case.
Fran Drescher to star in divorce tv show.
British man, divorced 10 years, forced to share earnings with ex wife.
Eddie Murphy’s ex Nicole Murphy broke; owes huge tax lien.
Eva Longoria and Tony Parker announce divorce.
Christina Milian gets $4 million divorce settlement.
Kate Gosselins little tots get expelled from Kindergarten.
El Paso court brings in body scanners to protect judges from gun toting litigants.
Jennifer Jason Leigh files for divorce.
McCourt divorce granted.
Fantasia takes stand in boyfriend’s divorce case.
Billionaire in Quebec has to pay woman alimony even though they never “married.”
Study finds connection between divorce and strokes.
Pentagon study shows that divorces in the military are “levelling” off.
Laurie David writes cookbook that includes divorce brownies recipe; she throws divorce party.
British divorce superlawyer Fiona Shackleton appointed to House of Lords.
Nora Ephron and Alec Baldwin have a verbal slugfest.
CDC finds that divorce rates are at an all time low.
Britney Spears’ parents get back together.
Beyonce’s parents call off divorce.
Prince William gets engaged to Kate Middleton and gives her his mom’s engagement ring.
Elin Woods sells $2 million worth of diamonds at Sothebys
Heidi and Spencer renew vows after admitting fake divorce.
Italian courts grants a man a divorce because his wife simply “thought” about cheating.
Pope Benedict expresses concerns about divorce laws in Italy and around the world.
Usher and Tamika make nice post-divorce.
Camille Grammer and Kelsey Grammer’s divorce gets nasty.
Huffpost launches a divorce section.
Middle aged women in UK see spike in bankruptcies following divorce.
Courteney Cox distinguishes between a divorce and a separation.
Divorce News – December 2010
John and Elaine Mellencamp split
Brett Favre does not divorce but caught in sexting scandal with other woman – and pays whopping fine
Lily Shang, New York socialite sues to stop husband from publishing sex tapes on the Internet. (Filed in US divorce news)
Venuzuelan president Carlos Perez’s wife and mistress fight over his dead body.
Emmy Rossom files for divorce.
Jamie McCourt wins lawsuit against Frank.
Kelsey Grammer asks court to rush his divorce so he can re-marry mistress.
Elizabeth Edwards dies; John attends funeral (they were never legally divorced, only separated.)
Girls Gone Wild boss Joe Francis divorces after less than 2 months of marriage.
Kayte Walsh officially becomes a “homewrecker.”
Kelsey makes Camille an  offer of $30 million settlement which she refuses, allegedly.
Man charged with felony for hacking into his wife’s email to prove she was cheating on him.
London company develops a divorce calculator.
Department of Defense calls divorce an “invisible wound of war.”
Hugh Hefner gets engaged after two prior divorces.
Government of Zambia concerned about divorce rates.
Divorcee found dead at the home of former CEO of Anheuser Busch, August Busch IV
North Carolina makes weird rule about same sex couples and adoption/custody.
Frank McCourt files objection to court determination that Jamie McCourt owns half of the Dodgers.
Census Bureau finds divorces of folks married more than 20 years on the rise.
Kelsey tries to block Camille’s access to his pensions.
Fantasia wins alienation of affection lawsuit
Rise in post-divorce “vengeance plastic surgery.”
Anne Riddell, Bob Ennis and John Partilla get mixed up in divorce/adultery/re-marriage brouhaha
Eastern European countries – Belarus, Russia, Moldova and Ukraine – have highest divorce RATE in the world (but not the highest number of divorces.)
European countries adopt new rules for cross border divorces
Shania Twain gets engaged after painful divorce.
Judge gives Mel Gibson more visitation with Lucia.
Mark Madoff commits suicide (never divorced his wife)
Eva and Tony may have reconciled – spotted in San Antonio.
Scarlett and Ryan announce plans to divorce.
Miley Cyrus caught smoking bong and blames parents’ divorce.
Elizabeth Hurley caught cheating – claims she is separated from husband; lover caught cheating on her.
Billionaire Andy Beal’s wife makes $20 billion claim against him in divorce action.
New York mayor accused of terrorizing wife with Madagascar cockroach.
Ben Harper and Laura Dern reconcile.
Kate Middleton and William Windsor get marital counseling.
Okay. So those are some of the divorce news stories profiled in our Divorce Newspaper – Divorce Saloon, the world’s first online Divorce Newspaper.  It was quite an eventful year, wasn’t it? Hope you enjoyed reading the divorce newspaper and we look forward to having you continue to read our news stories in 2011.