Happy New Year! Now get a divorce!

A New Year’s divorce: Why is January always so full of divorces?

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, get a divorce.

No, this is not me trying to be funny or even obnoxious. Studies actually show that January is the divorciest month of the year across the globe. No, seriously. You probably thought it was December. And it would be forgivable, especially the December we’ve had here with seemingly every celebrity giving up on their marriages right before Christmas. But the fact is, it is January that is the month when everybody walks into the divorce attoneys’ offices and start filing papers like you wouldn’t believe. Brace yourself. Unless there is something unique about this year, you will be seeing more divorce filings by not only the rich and famous, but by the ordinary Joe Schmoes too.  And it will crescendo till about May. Then the numbers will progressivly diminish till November when all hell will break loose again, reaching maximum intensity in January. I hate to say it, but from a strictly business perspective, divorce lawyers look forward to the month of January. This is when they are most likely to land the meaty cases that will sustain them for the rest of the year.
Why is January so divorce prone? I don’t know. I’ve done other posts in the past trying to figure that out. I cannot. What I do know is that forewarned is forearmed and married people are getting good information here that they can use to their advantage if they want to save their marriages:  Know that January is a dangerous month for married couples and act accordingly! Brace yourselves. Actually, November, December and January are treacherous months for a marriage that is on shaky ground to begin with. If you can make it past, say, April, you can probably hold on to the marriage for another year. If you give in to your impulses, you are very likely to seek a divorce in the early part of the year – especially in the month of January.