10 Divorce Industry predictions for 2012

I thought it would be fun to make some divorce predictions for 2012. Here’s what I think will happen in the world of divorce next year:

1) “Common law” spouses Brad and Angelina will call it quits. As might Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.
2) Daily Beast will start a competing divorce section to keep up with Huffington Post.
3) WSJ will start a divorce section and so might the New York Times.
4) There will be a divorce talk show on cable or network TV.
5) Divorce consulting will be the next hot, “new” job and there will be all these derivative business models that spring from that.
6) Huffpost will open a divorce store that will put Divorce Saloon’s store out of business.
7) Post-divorce international abductions will become part of the national narrative and elected officials will put more pressure on the federal government to do more about this issue.
8) Sarah Jessica Parker will announce that the next Sex and the City will start filming in 2013 (she’s going to divorce Big but she won’t say so.)
9) Wall Street will start flirting with “securitizing” people’s divorces (sort of the way they securitized mortgages – we all know how that ended up)
10) The Supreme court will grant certiari for a “gay marriage case” and will decide that it is unconstitutional to forbid gays to marry – this will pave the way for not only an influx of gay marriages, but a blitz of gay divorces as well.
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Originally published December 7, 2010