Camille Grammer's divorce is comic fodder for Kathy Griffin

Apparently, comic Kathy Griffin has been making fun of Camille Grammer’s divorce situation. Camille’s divorce has pretty much become comic fodder for the comedienne. Says, Digital Spy:

Kathy Griffin has mocked Camille Grammer for focusing her attention on her reality show rather than her divorce from husband Kelsey.
In an interview with PopEater, the stand-up comic chided Camille for becoming “obsessed” with what her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates think of her.
“There’s Camille who’s obsessed with whether or not she was called insecure which to me is not that much of a pejorative, considering your husband left you for an airline stewardess, knocked her up and then she miscarried,” she said.
The comic then quipped: “I would say that’s what I would focus on.”

Ouch. Bad form, Kathy. Don’t kick a woman when she is down. Camille is definitely a little bit of a beyatch, as we’ve noted. But this situation with Kelsey can’t be pleasant. We wouldn’t wish this on our worse enemy as a matter of fact.