MUMBAI: Divorce rate in India doubles: it increases by 100% says expert in BBC interview

Divorce rate in India doubles

World Divorce News: And here we were thinking that Indians knew the secret to a successful marriage – their divorce rates explodes by 100%!* So much for our post about the secrets to Indian marriage success:


Divorce rates in India increase by 100% according to BBC

Rate Doubled in India, It is wedding season in India, the time of year when astrologers say the omens are best for a long and successful marriage.
Traditionally these were arranged by the two families and the weight of social pressure ensured divorces hardly ever happened.
But as it grows wealthier, so India’s old taboos are being challenged, and the chances of this year’s newly-weds staying together for the rest of their lives are slimmer than ever.
“There has been a huge change, a drastic change and divorce rates are increasing,” Dr Geetanjali Sharma, a marriage counsellor working in Gurgaon, a wealthy Delhi satellite city, told the BBC.
“There’s been a 100% increase in divorce rates in the past five years alone.” [more]

The cute thing about it is, the Indian divorce rate jumped from about 1% to 2%. That is what Indians are crying about. A two percent divorce rate. Isn’t that hilarious? But when you do the math, it might matter. Because what is the population of India? About 1.2 billion? How many of those get married? Can we assume roughly half the population? So, you have 500,000,000 marriages in India. Each year, 2% get a divorce. What number is that? It’s a lot. They have a right to be concerned when you get right down to it. I mean, it literally doubled…there are other divorce related issues that are almost as pressing in India, such as the Hague Convention violations (post-divorce custody fights can be nasty when one parent abducts the kids and takes them to India – the Indian government tends not to enforce International treaties that forbid this) and the fact that post-divorce, many Indian women are left destitute due to the Hindu Marriage Act which provides no proper basis for equitable distribution and property division.
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