Terri Weiss, an attorney and fellow with the Academy of Matrimonial lawyers, lets it rip on Huffpost divorce

Terri Weiss is an attorney who practices divorce law in New York and she did a really great post for Huffpost Divorce which you can read here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/terri-weiss/lawyers-check-out-potenti_b_801404.html¬†geared towards potential clients.¬†Terri makes some very cogent points that folks need to read about how lawyers check out clients just like clients check out lawyers. It’s a two way street she says and I couldn’t agree more. As an attorney, there are definitely red flags to look out for when potential clients come in for a consult. It will save the lawyer (and maybe the client) a lot of headaches down the road. Check out Terri’s article by clicking on the link above.