JAPAN: Marriage and birth rates tumble but divorce rates climb

This may come as news to you but Japan is becoming a “nation of senior citizens” and a good many of these are divorced by the time they retire. Japan is becoming a nation where more and more young people are eschewing marriage and traditional family-making, having less children and basically focusing more on themselves.

Japanese divorce rates rise as marriage rates fall

As a result, Japan has had negative population growth in 2010. But their divorce rate is climbing. It is still “low” compared to, say, the U.S. but their rate of divorce is definitely on the upswing as statistics show about 1 in four marriages end in divorce in Japan. What’s more, an increasing number of  young Japanese are actually celebrating their divorces. They throw “divorce ceremonies” and really make it a big fete. What is going on? Hard to say. But the numbers are speaking for themselves according to published reports.
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