SPAIN: Don't call Spain the "fast-track" divorce capital of Europe because Spaniards do care about family values

Yesterday in Madrid, the Catholic Church celebrated family values (and by implication denounced divorce and all that other gore) with a huge mass that drew an international crowd.  

Spaniards care about family values

Arch Bishop  Antonio Rouco Varela of Spain celebrated the mass. Pope Benedict, who recently has been disappointed with Spain for new divorce laws that allow “fast track divorces,” and “gay marriage”  is said to be very pleased with the mass and what it means for contemporary Catholics living in Spain . Says the Associated Press:

Tens of thousands of people celebrated a Mass honoring the family as a building block of Christianity in downtown Madrid on Sunday. The outdoor service under bright blue skies in Colon square was conducted by Archbishop Antonio Rouco Varela on Sunday with the backing of the conservative opposition Popular Party. The Roman Catholic Church has in recent years balked at Spain’s rapid transition from a once-staunchly Catholic nation to one of Europe’s most liberal. The Vatican has sternly opposed the Socialist government-led transformation, which has ushered in gay marriage, fast-track divorce…..”Whenever the true worth of matrimony and family values is questioned, negative consequences come forward rapidly,” Rouco Varela said.