BEIJING: Shanghai and Beijing to be the first to have marriage databases online to catch cheaters

Extra-marital cheaters in China better watch out. Officials plan online cheating database
World Divorce News: Chinese officials want to crack down on marital cheaters in China. To do that, they are planning a database whereby spouses and others can check for cheaters. Right now is appears that cheating is fairly rampant in China with about 20% of married men polled admitting to cheating in the last 12 months. The Associated Press: 

Cheating Database expected to catch married cheaters in China

China’s exploding wealth has created a culture of secret mistresses and second wives. Now officials are putting marriage records online so lovers and spouses can check for cheaters. State media on Wednesday said Beijing and Shanghai will be among the first places to put marriage databases online this year. The plan is to have records for all of China online by 2015.
But the Ministry of Civil Affairs a few years ago said such a project would be operational by last year. Officials have not explained the delay, but not all areas have their databases ready yet. Ministry numbers show 23 of the country’s 22 provinces, four regions and four municipalities do.
Bigamy is illegal in China, and corruption inspectors with the ruling Communist Party have said several officials have been guilty. That includes the former head of the National Bureau of Statistics, Qiu Xiaohua. He was called a “vile social and political influence” and expelled from the party in 2007.

But as we have noted in a previous post quite recently, this is no joke because the divorce rate in China has seen a sharp increase in recent years. Read here: