Camille Grammer's Divorce Diary: I am so humiliated, omg

This is a fictitious divorce diary of Camille Donatucci Grammer:

Dear Diary,
Seriously? I am bug eyed, at the moment. Seriously, if I saw Kelsey and that woman walking on the side of the road right now? And I was in my car? I’m not going to say it. I won’t say it. But I’m thinking. It’s good for them I can’t see them right now.
My husband was not perfect, but that gold-digging wh%$^ Kayte stole him away from me and broke up my family and made me look like a fool on Beverly Hills Housewife and you know what? I don’t appreciate it. That was not cool. She’s a home-wrecker and nobody is calling her that and it’s not cool.
Why do these people hate me? Because I have four nannies? God has blessed me. He gave me four nannies and what? I should be hated for it? I share my riches. I have lots of friends who come to my various homes for parties and I never overwork my nannies or my house managers or any of my staff. Why does America hate me? And gloat about this divorce from Kelsey?
It wasn’t easy being married to Kelsey. He was a very difficult man. That beyatch has no idea what she is getting herself into with him. I spent over a decade of my life holding up Kelsey Grammer. I had no life. I ran his homes, went with him to red carpet events, kept him sober. It’s a full time job. That’s why I had to hire all that help. Kelsey is work. And you know what? Nobody knows or cares what I’ve been through. They just are gloating that he’s left me.
I am so humiliated I could crack. OMG. Kelsey really screwed me with this. If he didn’t want to be a part of the show, he could have just said so. He didn’t have to do this to me. Does he hate me? I can’t stop crying when I think about it. About him. With her. The public humiliation is too much.
I need to get off that fucking show. I’m not going back. Fuck that. They are laughing at me, all those morons who sit their fat asses on their couches every Thursday night and begrudge my life. My mother loves me. She knows I am not the terrible person everybody says I am. I hate everybody. I hate Kelsey. I hate that woman. I HATE HER!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
But you know what? I am not going to cry anymore about this. I am young and hot and I can get somebody else. They are a dime a dozen in Beverly Hills, men like Kelsey.
And you know what? I am taking the high road. Even though I really want to run them over with my car? I am not going to dog Kelsey in the press. I still love my husband and I am a classy woman and I am not going to go there in the press.
But this is the worse thing that ever happened to me.  What a bastard. My husband is a bastard.
You know what? I have to call my lawyer. I think Kelsey is going to try to pull a fast one with my kids….