PARIS: Divorcing? Gwyneth Paltrow's Paris GOOP on where to go and where to stay

 Divorcing? Maybe you should regroup in Paris!
I have said before that I love Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP. It is a girly newsletter that she sends out a couple of times per month and people have been absolutely negative about it on the Internet.

Divorcing? Regroup in Paris, darling!

But I love it. I see she is just sharing and what’s so wrong with that? If someone doesn’t like the newsletter they don’t have to view it. It is bizarre how much they hate it, yet they keep reading it just to be mean about it on the Internet. For me, it is an escape from real life, which is tough. It’s like stepping into the life of a movie star, a totally unattainable life for a person like me, but jeeze, a wonderful escape from obsessing about the recession and my cell phone bills, you know?
So, this week’s GOOP is about Paris. Apparently, Ms. Paltrow spent six months living in Paris. I did too, but I stayed in youth hostels that were pretty scary. But I was in Paris eating baguettes and drinking wine, so what did I care? I had just discovered that the guy I was dating at the time was a serious sob and I was heartbroken and I literally ran off Paris with no money. I literally had a knapsack and I flew to London and took, like, this bus to Paris. I’m very serious. And looking back, it was one of the best damn things I ever did in my life! I started writing this book called “The 14th Arrondissement” and I would sit by the Seine and write. I’m very serious. I only came back to New York cause I literally ran out of money and was hungry. Yes, I know. Hilarious. I can be very, very rash, my friend. Very rash.
I love Paris. I think it is the perfect place to escape to after a divorce. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it if you are poor like me and not rich like Gwyneth. You can slum it. Slumming it in Paris can be fun, believe me. Walk everywhere. Eat lite. Stay in a Foyer. OMG it’s awesome.
But. If you have the means. Paris is definitely a great place to go nurse your post-divorce wounds. And Gwynie has some great places to stay and restaurants to eat in, in her latest edition of GOOP. She raves about the Ritz Hotel as being one of her favorites. I can only dream of staying at the Ritz in Paris. That’s a joke. But for you it could be a possibility.
And there are a bunch of other places to stay such as the Hotel Montalembert, Hotel St. Vincent, and a few others. She raves about restaurants such as L’ami Louis, Le Voltaire, Market, Kinugawa and a whole bunch of other places I’ve never even heard of darling. Cause when I was there, I cooked my own meals at the foyer and I bought a cheap bottle of wine, and I listened to Edith Piaff tapes and that was good enough for me. But as I said, if you are rich, break the bank. Right after the divorce is final, don’t sit around moping. Jump on a plane and go to Paris. Oh, you have kids? So what? Take them to Paris with you. Gwyneth says her first trip to Paris was with her dad, Bruce Paltrow, as it should be. Take the kids to Paris. School doesn’t have to be in a classroom and Paris is one big fat museum. Did I mention I love Paris? Did I mention I love GOOP? Check it out for yourself at But if you are a guy or a jaded woman, don’t. Cause it might make you angry.
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Originally published February 26, 2009