How to completely ruin your ex-spouse's second marriage

How to completely ruin your ex spouse’s second marriage

Well, one easy way to ruin the second marriage is to fix it so that it doesn’t happen in the first place. For example, if you’re a Jewish and male, refuse to give the GET. Mean? Yes. Controlling? Yes. Reprehensible? Yes. But it works every time.

Why would you want to ruin your ex’s new marriage?

This post is really tongue in cheek. We don’t believe in ruining people’s marriages. But it sounded like an interesting blog post and the stats on second marriages (second marriages have an even greater chance of ending in divorce than first marriages) lends for speculation. What causes so many second marriages to implode?  I say probably just a little bit of subterfuge by conniving ex spouses.
The kids are a big time weapon. They set up the kids against the new person and the kids perpetrate hell on the aspiring step mother or step father, and next thing you know, the unsuspecting newbies are running for their lives.
But even when the marriage goes through, and sometimes especially when it goes through, there’s big trouble. Some men in particular, can’t seem to shake the effect their ex wives have on them. When a woman gets under a man’s skin, she really can get under his skin and she can, beneath the surface, control his reactions and emotions and often times, he has no idea that he is being manipulated. But the new wife knows. And she resents the ex wife and this is a dangerous brew because then you begin to have resentment, competition and outright war in the family. And the second wife, usually, does not stand a prayer in a situation like this – especially when there are children involved.
Another way to ruin the second marriage is to keep the ex in court over all sorts of annoying issues involving custody, visitation, and spousal support. Custody issues can really go on forever and the frustration levels can build really quickly and there is no end to the venom. This is obviously going to strain the second marriage almost to its demise.
And then, there are other scenarios. Like when ex spouses cheat with each other even though they are both married to other people. That is classic. Ask Leon Walker about that. Naturally, when spouses cheat, it can destroy a marriage; but when they cheat with an ex spouse? There’s no reconciliation after that.
There are probably other ways to do it but I can’t connive on that level. The question though, is, why behave in this manner? Why do this to someone? You had your chance and it didn’t work. Why not just bow out gracefully?