NORTH CAROLINA: John Edwards left out of Elizabeth's will – but can he get a "forced share" since they were not divorced? (filed in divorce news)

Since there was no divorce, can John Edwards get a “forced share” of Elizabeth’s estate?

Filed in Divorce News: John Edwards will get nothing from Elizabeth Edwards. She reportedly wrote him out of the will. But since they never divorced, he may still have challenges he can launch to that situation. Just saw this on Politics Daily:

Edwards, who died of breast cancer on Dec. 7, named her oldest daughter, Catherine, 28, as executor, CNN reported. “All of my furniture, furnishings, households goods, jewelry, china, silverware and personal effects and any automobiles . . . to be divided among them,” she wrote in a document dated Dec. 1. Besides Catherine, the will also names daughter Emma, 12, and son John, 10. A copy was published online by “Inside Edition.” [more]

I don’t think anyone is surprised by this. And I don’t think John Edwards is crass enough to challenge this will. But I think if he wanted to, he could challenge it and get a forced share, about 1/3 of Elizabeth’s estate since they were not divorced. Well, he can in some states. Not so sure about North Carolina. He won’t challenge it though. He’s not that coarse and crass and unfeeling. He will totally alienate his children. But if he really, really wanted to challenge this will? I think he could.