Did you talk trash about your spouse with your friends? Maybe that's why your marriage is heading for divorce

Is Beverly Hills Housewife Taylor Armstrong heading for Divorce?
Watching the very melancholy, pillow-lipped Taylor Armstrong dish with Kyle Richards about her marriage to Russell, a la the Beverly Hills Housewives tonight, I duly noted the element of “trash talking” and I reserved my thoughts for  a divorce blog post later on in the evening.
Actually, the “trash talking” post has been sitting in the drafts for months, actually, waiting for the right moment to be pulled out and displayed. Taylor gave me the perfect excuse tonight.
The trash-talking spouse, I think, is a danger to his or her own marriage. Taylor and the coterie of rich, plastic-surgery enhanced beauties on the Bravo Franchise, Real Housewives, are amiable enough. I like them all. Even the beyatch Camille, who I think makes the show what it is. However, tonight, I noticed a pattern in Taylor. She likes to compare herself and her marriage and her husband to Kyle. She almost covets the relationship Kyle and Mauricio have – an admittedly easy one on the surface – and in the process, she almost talks down her own husband Russell, I think to the detriment of their marriage.
Tonight, Kyle even said to Taylor “forget about him….” And Taylor acquiesced, after Russell left a party early.
Russell is definitely a wet blanket. But Taylor is not helping the situation by trash talking about her husband behind his back and comparing him to Mauricio or any other man for that matter. This is going to destroy her marriage faster than you can say Beverly Hills. Besides, trust me, Kyle and Mauricio have their problems. They are probably less happy than Taylor and Russell. They just know how to put on a happy face and make do and Taylor needs to wake up and realize that.
Her marriage is probably not that strong anyway, because Taylor clearly does not seem happy. And Russell does seem a tad boring. Plus, he probably has financial problems given how much Taylor likes to spend. She spent nearly 60K on their daughter’s birthday party and she is how old? Five? So they have problems.
But the message I would like to give Taylor is to stop comparing her marriage and her husband with others. And stop trash talking about her husband behind his back on national television. It will wreck her marriage for sure.
And this message goes for others like Taylor who like to trash talk their husbands with their friends.