TEXAS: Appeals court rules that attorney general can't block gay divorce

An appeals court in Texas has ruled that gay divorces cannot be banned in the state. The attorney general had tried to block a divorce between two women who got married in Massachusetts where gay marriage is legal. They later moved to Texas and sought to dissolve the marriage there. The court granted it, but the attorney general intervened and tried to block the divorce, arguing that gay marriages and divorces are illegal. But an appeals court disagreed. Foxnews:

DALLAS – A Texas appeals court says the state’s attorney general can’t block the divorce of two women who were married out of state.
The 3rd Texas Court of Appeals in Austin ruled Friday that the state cannot appeal the divorce of Angelique Naylor and Sabina Daly.
The two were married in Massachusetts in 2004 and then returned home to Texas, where same-sex marriage is banned.
In February, a judge granted the women a divorce.
The next day, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a motion to intervene in the case, arguing that the court didn’t have jurisdiction to grant the divorce because the parties were of the same sex.
However, the judge ruled that the attorney general’s intervention wasn’t timely. Abbot then appealed. [more]