MYANMAR: Divorced women with children among a small group exempt from new mandatory draft

Myanese divorcees with children part of a small elite to be exempt from new mandatory draft
Starting soon, the government of Myanmar will institute a mandatory draft according to Associated Press reports. The new law was enacted last November but has not yet been activated.

New incentive for women to have babies in Myanmar?

It is, however, expected to be enforced shortly. Until now, the draft in Myanmar was completely volunteer. No more. And the consequences for failing to obey the mandatory rules will be harsh. Draft dodgers will face stiff jail sentences, up to five years for failing to register, or report to duty as ordered. The AP states that the ages affected by these new laws will be 18-45 for males and 18-35 for females. However, luckily for divorcees and other women with children, they will be exempt and would not have to serve. Great incentives for Myanmar women to start having babies!